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Boiling Water Bath Canner – For high acid foods

It’s nothing more than a large pot(non-reactive) that is large enough to cover the jars with 1 to 2 inches of water with a rack on the bottom. The pot should either be stainless steel or a galvanized aluminum pot. Boiling Water Bath Canners are used for low acid foods that kills microorganisms at 212 degrees.


Rack - Sits on the bottom of processor that allows water to flow beneath and around jars for even heating.


Pressure Canner - for low acid foods

Reaches temperature of 240 degrees, with pressure. They are either weighted or have a dial guage


Mason Jars - come in all different sizes with regular and wide mouth openings and MUST be a true mason jar. They can be used over and over again, until they become scratched inside or have a chip on the rim.


Lids - can only be used once


Bands/Rings - can be used over and over again, just as long as they are not bent or rusted


Jar Lifter

This tool lifts jars in and out of hot water safely when used correctly. Use both hands and squeeze the lifter while removing jars from canner.


Jar Funnels

This helps prevents spills while filling jars.


Magnetic Wand/Bubbler

Use this tool to lift sterilized lids from hot water. Some are made with one side as a magnetic wand and the other as a bubbler, to remove bubbles (air pockets) from filled jar before being processed. You can use also use a chopstick. Do not use any metal, as it might scratch the inside of the jar.



To help measure the filled jars for the correct headspace.



To place processed jars on to cool down on.


Labels/Permament Marker or Pen -

For labeling Jars for storage


Recipes -

Must be a tested, safe and newer than 1994





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