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Preserving & Canning Classes - Below are sample classes that can be catered to your location, event & budget


Pickling “2” Ways

Learn how to make fresh refrigerator “Quickle” pickles, and “pantry” shelf stable pickles. Class starts off with a discussion on PH Scale, hot water bath canning, food safety and flavor combinations. Then the magic begins…slicing, brining and “hands on” step by step instructions to create safe and crunchy pickles.

Class includes tasty samples, recipes, step by step “hands on” water bath canning, and jars to take home.

We’re Jammin’

Summer in a Jar! Learn how to make and fill your pantry with delicious jams from fruit ripen to perfection that will remind you of warm summer days all year. We will start with an introductory discussion on hot water bath canning, go over the PH scale, and discuss food safety and storage. Then we get down to business…picking the right produce, slicing, measuring, and creating tasty small batch low sugar and savory jams. While the jars are processing enjoy tasty snacks while we discuss how to add spices, herbs and natural sweeteners to create your own unique flavors.

Class includes “hands on” step by step instructions, tasty samples, and a jar to take home.


Fermentation is all the craze! Whether you choose to consume it for their aid in digestion, boost of energy or just love the way they taste, join us and start making fermented foods at home. Class begins with a discussion on PH, flavor combinations and tastings before we start chopping and stirring. We will be making kimchi, and gingered carrots.  

Class includes – recipes, step by step “hands on” instructions, tasty samples and a jars to take home.

It’s ALIVE – Kombucha & Jun Tea’s

Fermented tea’s is all the craze! Whether you choose to consume it for their aid in digestion, boost of energy or just love the way they taste, this class is for you! This hands-on class includes a glass jar, sweetened tea, SCOBY, starter liquid and jar coverage to start brewing your own kombucha at home. We will also discuss different flavorings and learn about kombucha’s sister tea “JUN”

Class includes – recipes, step by step “hands on” instructions, and tastings.

Off the Vine – Tomatoes

There’s nothing like adding a vine ripen juicy tomato to your favorite recipe that will remind you of a warm summer day. Learn how to take your summer tomato bounty and enjoy them all year. Before we get into the peeling and chopping of the tomatoes we will discuss PH, safety and storage. In this class you will learn how to can “jar” tomatoes that will fill your pantry for family favorite recipes and while the jars are processing we will discuss on how to save the seeds for next year’s garden, dehydrating, and freezing.

Class includes step by step “hands on” hot water bath canning, recipes, tasty samples and a jar of canned goodness.


Taste of Autumn - Apple Pie Filling and the Prefect Pie Crust

There’s nothing more comforting then the aroma of warm spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and apples throughout the house on a cool autumn day. In this class you will learn how to take apples from a local orchard and create a warming sweet and tart Apple Pie Filing that can be added to a buttery flaky pie crust or even to top your favorite pie filling. Best of all you will learn how to enjoy this all year with step by step “hands on” instructions using a Boiling Water Bath Canning procedure.

Class includes also includes learning how to make the perfect pie crust, recipes, discussion on PH, safety and storage. Along with a jar to take home, plus a slice of Apple Pie to enjoy.


Learn how to make full flavor stocks and broths that are the basis of so many recipes; use them in soups, gravies, casseroles and so such more. Now imagine having a full pantry and freezer filled to mealtime easier without all the sodium and additives.

After learning how to make a flavorful broth we will turn them into a shelf stable jar of tasty soup by learning step by step hands on instructions using a Pressure Canner. We will also have a discussion on using safe tested recipes, PH, equipment and storage, so you will have the confidence to start at home.

Class includes step by step “hands on” instructions on using a Pressure Canning, recipes, and a tasty sample plus a jar to take home.


Preserving the Seasons – 

In this full day intense “Preserving the Harvest” class will cover everything you need to know to fill your pantry and freezer. This “hands on” and discussion class will include all preserving methods; hot water bath canning for high acid foods, pressure canning for low acid foods, fermentation, freezing, dehydrating, curing and smoking. We will be a making jam, pickle, kimchi, soup and jerky along with discussions on how to smoke, cure and can “jar” meat, dehydrating veggies and fruit, and freezing to meet your family needs.

Class includes a discussion on food and preserving safety, storage, PH levels and safe recipes. Along with “hands on” step by step instructions using Boiling Water Bath and Pressure Canners, handouts, lunch (not included), home brewed ice tea bar,  and jars to take home.

This class will give you all the confidence needed to go home and start preserving your own locally grown food and take control on what you’re eating. Class runs for 5 ½ - 6 hours with a 30 minute break for lunch.

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